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Don't get angry - Get happy 

Lot's of people are very angry about the current political situation.  This is totally justified, but how much good does it do, and how much harm?

Anger is very bad for your  health.  If you have any doubt about the health effects of anger read this.

Have you ever converted someone from the opposite party to your point of view?  Have you convinced someone with the opposite political point of view to change and vote for your party?  How many times has this happened?

Have you ever gotten angry with a person who might have been a friend, ally, colleague or business associate because they had the opposite political point of view?  Has this damaged relationships?   How many times has this happened?  

If you somehow converted everyone you knew to vote your way, would it swing an election?  Would it make the world a better place?

If you alienated 10% of the people you knew, would it change your life?  Would it make the world a worse place?

Have you ever contributed to a political party?  If so, you probably started getting lots of mail.  It always starts off telling how totally terrible something done by the other side is.  It gets you as angry and frightened as possible, then it asks you for money.  Fear and anger are great motivaters.  People  who are angry or frightened are more likely to donate money and vote.  It is in the political professional's interest to keep you angry and frightened.  It is not in your interest.

In all the political parties there are plenty of con men, crooks and selfish people seeking their own special interests. However we of the Happiness Party believe that the majority of people in all parties are motivated by a deep and simple desire to make the world a better place.   Remember that you may strongly disagree on the details of how to make the world a better place, but the person who disagrees with you is motivated by the same underlying desire.
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